AAF462X307Alien Ant Farm is an American Alternative Rock Band that formed in 1995 in Riverside California. The band has racked up four top ten singles and a Grammy nomination over the course of its four studio albums and nearly two decades in the music business. Band members currently include vocalist, Dryden Mitchell, guitarist, Terry Corso, bassist, Tye Zamor and drummer, Mike Cosgrove. Their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” was voted the #2 video of 2001 on MTV’s countdown, and has become one of the band’s most well-known songs. Now that it’s 2014 Alien Ant Farm is having a hard time believing time has passed so quickly, but they are excited to be moving forward.

Dryden says, “Its hard to believe we have been doing this as long as we have, I don’t think any of us thought when we started out that our career would go onto do what it has, or that we would face some of the hurdles and losses that we have but here we stand ready to give our fans and the world another piece of Alien Ant Farm. We honestly have the best fans in the business.”

The band will be performing a show tonight at 7 p.m. on September 5th at The Station Bar LIVE in Broussard.

Live and Local surveyed a few Lafayette residents to get their feedback about the band and their upcoming show at The Station. We learned that many knew about the show as well as many were not informed. In a city that continues to grow weekly with a live music following it was interesting to get the word out about the show in such a creative way!

*We thank all who participated in this weeks questions including Rebecca VanceCasey Chabaud, Garret Cantu, Erica Scwartz, Samantha Gomes.