We started to receive quite a flurry of notifications tonight showing an issue with tonight’s Miss Universe Pageant. After viewing we realized Steve Harvey read the card and yes as you can expect he announced Miss Columbia as the winner of tonight’s pageant…shortly after as you now know Miss Philippines was announced. Steve Harvey quickly appologized for the issue…saying it was what was on the card. He also stated he would take full responsibility for the issue. We know the problem was sever especially to Miss Columbia who immediately was not happy but who will be on the chopping block for this one is what we are wondering. Everyone will immediately blame Harvey but we feel there is much more to this story. Harvey immediately also started to appologize after the show on Twitter also which many have started to show from re-tweets as well.

When asking Miss Universe 2015, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach about the situation back stage she said It was a very non traditional moment. “It’s very 2015!”

Enjoy the live video below to understand more.