The Cars - Photo from Induction Social Media Page

The Cars – Photo from Induction Social Media Page

I remember for years watching MTV when I was younger. It was a great education of watching some of the best videos (when they played them) I have ever had the chance to remember. It actually taught us something. The many videos were creative, enjoyable, and allowed us all to want to be rock stars. One band that entertained us was “The Cars.” With awesome videos like “Magic,” “Just What I Needed,” “Since Your Gone,” “Tonight She Comes,” “Shake It Up,” And Many Many More To Be Enjoyed For Years and still could be enjoyed on any station even today! This band has certainly created music that stands the test of time. And it seems now they need ourt help. They are looking for nominations for a petition to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! So feel free to click the videos below for a great walk down memory lane. The chances of this band not being a part of your life by their music in some way is almost impossible. We wish them the best of luck when they are inducted.

Sign The petition by clicking Here – Enjoy The Videos from “The Cars” below.

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Check out the Cars Website by clicking Here and they have a new album out soon “Move Like This”

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