Jaryd Lane during “Guitar Talk”

When you meet musician Jaryd Lane for the first time he is a very humble, local, and quiet guy. When you hand him a guitar he immediately turns into an artist. I have seen Jaryd Lane give a great deal of his time this year to local charities. One day for three hours on the back of a flatbed in the August sun for a small crowd in Breaux Bridge, LA. Every show I see him play he gives 110%. So I can see that when I asked him, “Why are you at so many local functions?” His reply, “Because they are also helping me also.” makes alot of sense. It’s true! Local Jaryd Lane has played music since high school. He started playing the drums, until an accident curiously made him pick up a guitar. You can hear more about this story by viewing his “Guitar Talk” show below. Jaryd’s influences are more from the rock genre. ex. (Pearl Jam, Journey, and Soundgarden) But Jaryd has a unique southern country, easy listening sound that many enjoy every time they get a chance to hear him play.

Weather its acoustic guitar or with his band “The Parish” you will hear a great songwriter as well as someone who appreciates the sound he is playing. While recording “Guitar Talk” Jaryd started playing a freestyle sound he claims to simply be “working on at the time.” But this sound tells listeners to expect to hear many great songs in the future from this artist. His new album “1978” will be one to look for very soon in weeks to come!  It is one Jaryd is proud of, after sharing some ideas from one of the songs “Seger Song.” A mixed variation written by Lane showing gratitude for another influence; Bob Seger. Make sure you find your way to the Jaryd Lane website to hear this unique sound for yourself.

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Best of luck on the new album Jaryd Lane! And special thanks for taking the time to be a positive influence for Acadiana.

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