DSC_2868Jason Leonard has played a great deal of cover music in Acadiana. Today he is still playing music, but he is learning new sounds and new instruments. Jason has started writing his own style. A style that will be one to look forward to in the future, as a much more creative Jason. While meeting Jason for “Guitar Talk” I realize he is a bit more humble and relaxed. On stage, you may see him playing at The Blue Moon Saloon’s hoot night. Or possibly filing in for the recent European Tour with “The Mercy Brothers” but he also can be remembered as being in local bands named “The Ron Jeremy Trio” and “Kung Fu Pineapple.” Just recently he also created The Louisiana Beard and Facial Hair Association. So he has been busy, but having fun experiencing a new side to what he wants his sound to bring. We will be looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this passionate player of the instruments you are about to see and hear below. We hope you enjoy this edition of “Guitar Talk.”

Jason is having a great time “playing” the guitar. After years of playing for money, he has since been learning new styles and sounds that are helping him become a better musician. He is also becoming more creative which is something that will lead to better writing and experiences. When you see Jason, it’s usually relaxing with his instrument on stage. But, after taking photos of Jason on stage, you will see someone who is passionate about the sound he creates. Expect great things and great new sounds from Jason in the future. Yet, another reason Acadiana has a great music scene!

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