MItch Fest started with only 5 bands 5 years ago. This Saturday it will be kicking of it’s hardcore support with 32 local bands. Ok, here’s how it works. Sixteen bands will be at The Wild Salmon and another 16 will be at Heffe’s Saloon. The line-up you will have to keep track of but the best thing is that there are 32 emerging local bands coming at you on two stages this Saturday basically. See the video and band line-up below. $5 gets you in both venues. Time to support local music! Various genres and all local!

Heffe’s Saloon

10-1045 The Aggressive Folk Show
11-1145 Jim Nobles
12-1245 The Leftovers
1-145 Six Gun Nun
2-245 The Eugene Swank Atomic Honky Tonk
3-345 Emerson
4-445 Manafold
5-545 Thelma & Theodore
6-645 Jameson and The Baumbacks
7-745 Holy Ghost People
8-845 Project Kitchen Band
9-945 Entrenched Defilement
10-1045 Femaregionsix
11-1145 Rebel Cruiser
12-1245 Drood
1-145 Brass Mimosa
The Wild Salmon
10-1045 Jared Sonnier
11-1145 Will Best
12-1245 Matthew Montcalm
1-145 Buz
2-245 AEP
3-345 DownFish
4-445 Thirteenth Hour
5-545 Hazlehurst
6-645 Pixel Creep
7-745 Girra
8-845 Severer
9-945 Brother Jac
10-1045 Captain’s Call
11-1145 Odie
12-1245 Buried Under
1-145 Black Feratu