This week we learned there is an enormous listening audience that still believes in Rock music. Created on May 31, 2017, Rock Louisiana completed app development four days ago and many have downloaded the app and started listening immediately after the website and Facebook page put out a notice of being approved through both the Apple I-Tunes store and Google Play DROID store. It was then that Rock Louisiana started to see just how loyal this community is by sending in artwork as well as their music throughout the state to “Be Heard” and capture a part of the new Rock APP. Currently, the station is going through over 50 different albums and songs getting ready to upload to the server from many local bands spanning from Houma to the Lake Charles area. Rock Louisiana also had listeners as far as Michigan asking and California in their first week of play. Click here to download the Rock Louisiana APP and start listening!

Original Artwork by Kib from 4MAG

The station will also have a new show with a Rock and Harder Rock sound from “The Deacon of Metal” Colby Foreman from Lafayette, LA. The show will be from Monday through Friday starting at 3 pm. It certainly seems that from the influx of listeners and many wanting to be a part of the station in the first week the only thing we can see is that Rock is certainly not dead…maybe it’s possible traditional stations just are not listening to the people anymore. (At least not when in the Rock and Metal genre)

The station sends a huge thank you to all who reached out this week, especially Kib Prestige from 4MAG for creating some original artwork. Rock Louisiana shared they are here for the long haul. The station’s number one goal is to raise awareness to many Rock and Metal musicians still in the state of Louisiana. They also hope to raise awareness in showing the importance of creating an outlet online to quickly sell to many who may be listening! The station plans to link to these areas so listeners can click for a purchase while listening to a song. (The station also plays the influences of local musicians too)

Original music is why we become inspired to visit a live music concert in any genre. We are hoping that what we are doing will inspire many in the state to start writing as well as playing! ~ Rock Louisiana