Joshua LeBlanc is excited this week…he just finished a few originals and wants you to hear them along with other various music tonight in Youngsville, LA at 501 Sports Bar. (View location by clicking here) Joshua LeBlanc had an interview Monday night on RadioLouisiana also talking about the new trio album…as well as even newer songs on the way for a full album in the future. We enjoyed the interview (below) as well as the background behind the tracks…one track “Glitter and Tonic” we thought was a pretty creative song about three guys in Acadiana hitting a local “gentlemen’s Club” but our favorite for sure will have to be “Watching The Tide” as you will hear immediately in the interview in the beginning played on acoustic guitar. Hear this and more about songwriting from Joshua LeBlanc by clicking below. Follow Joshua for new gigs and bookings by clicking here