Rob Viator, Kevin Sekhani and Black Joe Lewis on stage at The Station LIVE

Rob Viator, Kevin Sekhani and Black Joe Lewis on stage at The Station LIVE

Last night in Broussard, LA The Holy Ghost People, The Mercy Brothers, And Black Joe Lewis Rocked The Station LIVE. Many were in attendance. All bands rocked hard last night. Black Joe Lewis was on fire on stage last night delivering an amazing sound that we feel will bring him to the top very fast. His style is one that makes you interested the whole time while playing. At around just the turning point of the set from Black Joe Lewis there was a power outage. After contacting Broussard Police department officials we learned that about a mile away there was a utility pole that was damaged. Yes it was crazy, but it was a great show! We wanted to include that during the outage; the horn & rhythm section continued playing for about 15 minutes straight. The drummer joined the fun as lights began to grow from cell phones. The guitar player grabbed a cowbell, and proceeded to make the best of the situation as the crowd also continued to cheer. Many were able to turn on flashlights from their phones to create a great scene. Below are some moments from last night’s show. And being from Louisiana, It felt like one of the best hurricance parties I have ever been to.

*We wanted to include that we are pretty amazed at how The Station LIVE staff handled the situation….Great job. See you June 20, for Sevendust. Thank you for an awesome night, and bringing some amazing bands to the Acadiana area.

Black Joe Lewis Killin’ the stage at The Station LIVE

The Mercy Brothers on stage at The Station LIVE

Special thank s to local bands TANDEM and Brother Jac for your attendance in last night’s show. And special thanks to Jamie Rendall for your assistance during the black out.

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