Laine and his wife Renee Thibodeaux at award show

The Texas Country Music Association Steel Guitar Player of the Year Award recently awarded steel guitar player form the Acadiana area Laine Thibodeaux. Many voted from various areas of the South. We wish Laine a huge congratulations for this honor. Out of five finalists you received this award with names also nominated were Ben White, Tommy Detamore, Bobby Gardner, & Kenny Grohman, among others in the running.

Q & A with Award Winner Laine Thibodeaux.

1. How did you feel when you realized that you won?

A. I was completely ecstatic to know I won me and my wife Renee were just like Wow what an honor.

3. How long have you been playing steel guitar?

A. 43 years

4. What made you choose steel over traditional

A. My dad Allen Thibodeaux had a band called The French Ramblers back in 1974 and he asked me if I would consider learning the steel guitar because he needed a lead guitarist and from there Laine started learning. Back then he says it was your typical Cajun band with a steel guitar.

All nominated steel guitar players at this year’s award show in Texas. photo by Renee Thibodeaux

5. Is there something you would like for people to know about your craft as a steel guitar player?

A. To keep it traditional with the steel guitar I wish there were more interested in it but it is an expensive instrument and many are intimidated by it but it is a very traditional piece of equipment in Country and Cajun music.

“We are currently looking at options in possibly teaching the instrument in the near future with a possibility with The Acadiana School of Music in Lafayette, LA.”

6. Is this something that you are interested in?

A. If this would happen I think it would be great because it just may get more interested in the instrument and some of the people who have seemed interested in learning through the years may take an interest again. It is certainly a sound that you can’t fake and the challenges of learning the steel guitar are something crowds do enjoy and will continue this tradition.

7. What is the one thing you personally have learned form taking this challenge from your father 43 years ago?

A. He would always tell me to practice and we learned how to be prepared when the time comes. I would always get quizzed and I learned many life lessons to always listen to the radio and always be mindful of how to back up the fiddle and accordion in the band and many more especially in Cajun music.

8. What is something that you personally feel after winning this award?

This year’s award presented to Laine Thibodeaux Congratulations Sir from Live and Local – Photo by Renee Thibodeaux

A. After winning this award it makes me wonder how far I can take it with this instrument.

9. Who are the bands you are currently playing with?

A. I am currently a member of Dustin Sonnier and the WANTED, Chris Miller occasionally and we have also picked up three Cajun French Music Association awards in 2017 a month ago, and I also played on The Legends album with Jo-El Sonnier and did receive a Grammy Certificate for participation on the album as well.

10. What is something you would like to share with others after winning this award?

A. I want people to know I do play a few instruments but the steel guitar is my main instrument. Learn everything you can as far as instruments are concerned. It makes you a more valuable asset to yourself and the band you are in. Thank you to all who voted!