Greta Dear on stage at Steam Press Coffee Cafe photo by Live And Local

Saturday night was just like any other but we decided to check out something different for a change and we are happy that we did. One of the things we enjoy about the Acadiana area is that we continue to see new venues and reasons to still go exploring for live music. So far, we think anyone that has the “balls” to bring some Live Music into their venue deserves a huge thank you for keeping our area rich with sound in general. In saying this, we would like to say Thank you to Steam Press Coffee Cafe for their recent contribution to bringing something creative and different to our town. The mixing of great music is something that makes people “meet” people and that is what music is supposed to be about anyway…right? (maybe getting a little crazy too) Saturday night’s show was one that we will enjoy until this Saturday night’s show with “SKA-diana” this Saturday. The band line-up was pretty scattered with various styles starting with “Greta Dear” starting off the night from Lafayette, LA playing a mixture of originals and a couple covers with some of the footage being able to be seen on our Facebook page by clicking here.

Next up with more originals was “Crown Shift” from Lake Charles, LA with a sound we have heard and always enjoy hearing again. Listen to one of this bands original tracks by clicking the button below.

Large Marge’s Rougher Spicier & Grinded Side Of Rock had us wondering if they had any merch to sell. This band is a great reason of what we believe Rock should be….spontaneously crazy, talking about crazy things on stage, and a wild ride from beginning to end. We had no idea what was going to happen next and we see why their growth has started. Do yourself a favor and check out their music by clicking here. A few of our favorites so far are “Make It Rain,” “Elevators,” and “Slipshod.”

Then there is the last band of the night Sideburner who is now on their second album and derived of some guys who enjoy a wide range of styles (Listen to more by clicking here) we can tell when listening to the albums and from the live show Sideburner’s influences range from early metal to experimental metal spanning through the last 30 years. Favorite few tracks are Dark Funeral, Jive Turkey, and Charge of the Woolly Mammoth. dsc_3441sss

A great night of various styles of music is something not everyone will appreciate but we salute anyone who is bringing this sort of creativity to Acadiana. This is how you continue to bring in new fans and keep it “fresh” in music in our local town. Best of luck to all bands from Saturday night!

  • Bottom Line – If you don’t go to live music shows in Louisiana remember you are not supporting Acadiana. With food and music being a huge part of what Louisiana is all about then try to make an advance on checking out something different and new. If you do thank you for your support ~ Live And Local