Saturday night when we took this picture and video of Mr. Daryle Singletary  we did not realize that we would be hearing this morning that it would be his last performance. After a long day of thoughts we truly want to take the time to extend many prayers to his band members and his family. (His wife and four children) We just want you all to know our thoughts are truly with you and so are our prayers from the Acadiana area.

One thing is for certain his fans loved Country and so did Daryle Singletary. The crowd sang along with him the entire night from Cowboy’s Nightclub who also sends their extreme condolences.

After a long full 12 months we have seen many great icons in music leave this Earth. One thing we have learned is that these great icons are truly always remembered through the many great songs they told a story about. The list of greats we have lost is high recently, but their styles and sounds need to remembered by so many fans and still demanded to still be played because they all lived for the love of bringing each and every one of us what they loved so much. The music is sacred in so many ways and from every genre of musicians that give 100% on stage. Thank You. ~ Live and Local

From Live and Local Facebook Page – Saturday night at Cowboys in Lafayette LA. His last song on stage was “Old Violin.” It was a great show and the fans were singing every song in the crowd. RIP Mr Singletary. We are saddened to hear about your loss. You can see his last performing video on Cowboys Nightclub Lafayette and the Live and Local Facebook page.

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Daryle’s Final Performance of “Old Violin” from Cowboy’s Nightclub in Lafayette, LA below.